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Welcome to the 2023 Dominican Republic Mission Trip


Welcome to the 2023 Santo Domingo Mission Trip!! We are going on this trip with a great team of health providers and missionaries. Our team will serve those in need of medical attention while sharing with them the Gospel of Jesus, which is the ultimate medicine!  We will also serve at a local community center sharing the Gospel with students and connecting with our local partners, Iglesia Revoluciona. Thank you for partnering with us to serve the people of Santo Domingo!!

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Bridge Ministries exists to Honor God and Bridge the world through leading effective, life transforming mission trips to engage people with the Gospel, serve those in needs and equip leaders to serve God better. Our trips go to different nations and cities to serve local churches and ministries that partner with us to make a difference in their particular context. We are committed to bring the Gospel to university campuses and local communities wherever we go to do our part in fulfilling Jesus’ great commission to the church. We understand that there are many needs and many people hurting in the world, that is why on most of our trips we strive to bring practical help to those in need. Some of our teams bring medical clinics to serve those in needs. While other teams help build buildings in impoverished areas. 


Our Mission

Honor God and Bridge the world through life transforming mission trips.


Our Vision

To see the Gospel advance in different nations, cities and university campuses around the world, while helping to ease the human suffering wherever we go. 


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